Difference Between Podi and Sprinkle

Difference Between Podi and Sprinkle

In South Indian cuisine, traditional seasonings play a vital role in crafting hearty and flavorful meals. The Manduva Project, drawing inspiration from the ancestral Manduva houses that dotted every village, has launched two distinct seasonings: Sprinkles and Podi. Both are made using fresh, hand-pounded ingredients sourced directly from farmers, offering a natural and wholesome product without preservatives.

Sprinkles: Versatile and Flavorful
Sprinkles are dry roasted, making them a cooked seasoning that can be used as garnishes, marinades, or in curries. The dry roasting process enhances the flavors of the farm-fresh ingredients, creating a versatile seasoning that adds depth and complexity to dishes. Whether sprinkled over salads, mixed into yogurt, or added to cooked dishes, Sprinkles bring a burst of authentic Andhra flavor to your meals.

Podi: Quick to Cook and Raw
Podi, on the other hand, is a seasoning that needs to be quickly cooked before use. Unlike Sprinkles, Podi is raw and requires a brief cooking time to unlock its full flavor potential. The fresh, hand-pounded ingredients ensure that Podi delivers a robust and aromatic taste, perfect for those who crave the traditional flavors of Andhra cuisine.

What is Podi?

If you're unfamiliar with podi, it's a spice blend that's highly popular in India, known for its ability to enhance the flavor profile of a dish when sprinkled on food. For many enthusiasts, podi is more than just a spice mix; it's an emotion. Typically, podi consists of lentils such as split Bengal gram and black gram, along with sesame seeds, curry leaves, and spices like chili, black pepper, and cumin. However, the exact blend can vary widely across different traditions.

The origins of podi can be traced back to Southern India, as documented in Sangam literature, and ancient Tamil texts. The Vijayanagar dynasty, a South Indian royal family that rose to prominence between 1336 AD and 1565 AD, played a significant role in popularizing podi.  As a result, podi remains popular in central and northern Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. "So even today, podi is popular in the regions of central and northern Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka,” Chef Regi Mathew explained to me.

Natural and Wholesome

Both Sprinkles and Podi from the Manduva Project are made without any preservatives, ensuring that you receive a natural and wholesome product. The commitment to using farm-fresh ingredients and traditional hand-pounding methods preserves the authentic taste and quality of these seasonings.

The Manduva Project's Sprinkles and Podi bring the rich culinary heritage of coastal Andhra Pradesh to your kitchen. Sprinkles, being dry roasted, are ready to use as garnishes, marinades, or in curries, while Podi needs a quick cook to release its full flavors. Both seasonings, made from carefully sourced ingredients, provide a natural and delicious way to enhance your meals, connecting you to the hearty and flavorful traditions of South Indian cuisine.

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