At The Manduva Project, we are more than just a brand. We are storytellers, preserving the vibrant tapestry of Andhra's rich history, culture, and traditions. Steeped in the allure of South Indian heritage, our offerings encapsulate the essence of Andhra Pradesh, where the land breathes with tales of valour, artistry, and culinary marvels. Our roots return to the lush fields of coastal Andhra Pradesh and our palates still crave those hearty meals at ancestral homes, traditionally known as manduva houses, which dotted every village.

There, in the sun-kissed courtyard, grandmothers and mothers spent afternoons grinding spices to a fine podi or powder and pickling fruits and vegetables into irreplaceable staples. Their furtive hands, busy with the rokali banda or stone mortar and pestle, produced a constant hum that would mingle with their chattering voices. Children scurried around them, playing hide and seek or hunting for a quiet corner for a game of caroms. And the air was filled with delicious promise – whiffs of ginger, garlic, mustard, sesame, chilli, lemon, curry leaf and so much more wafted through the house, all the way out to the front, where men gathered every evening for a sip of coffee and a quick homemade bite.

As times changed, afternoons like these slowly started disappearing. We cannot save those old homes or hold onto the ways of life they sustained, but we can certainly keep their food alive! And that’s exactly what we, at the Manduva Project, intend to do. Drawing inspiration from the majestic Manduva homes, with their red hues and open courtyards, our brand exudes the spirit of Andhra's architectural marvels. Just like the tall ornate wooden pillars, we stand as guardians of the region's cultural heritage, preserving its beauty and traditions for future generations.

Come, embark on a sensory journey that transports you to the sun-kissed plains and lush green landscapes of Andhra Pradesh. Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of flavours passed down through generations, as we bring you the authentic taste of Andhra. Our traditional recipes, carefully crafted into mouthwatering pickles, podis, crisps, and other culinary delights, carry the essence of time-honoured cooking techniques and the warmth of cherished family gatherings.