Welcome to The Manduva Project, where every culinary experience is a celebration of Andhra's cultural legacy.

  • Chemical Free

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

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Farm-Fresh Flavors

We are dedicated to making products bursting with authentic, rich flavours. Our commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients from local farmers guarantees a truly delicious taste in every bite.

Quality You Can Taste

We don't compromise on quality. Every bite reflects our commitment to using the finest ingredients. We source the freshest seasonal offerings, ensuring peak flavor and supporting local farmers.

Fresh Ingredients, Seasonal Availability

The journey of the fresh ingredients, from the farm directly into your product, highlights the connection to quality and taste.

Let Our Customer Speak for Us

  • "I love your products. Keep up the great work. I am carrying them with me to university in the U.K.!"

    Sneha G Sindhu

  • "Love them! My daughter LOVES the moringa & curry leaf podi. We have to hide the packet!"

    Aakriti Penukonda

  • "The sesame is the best. I have eaten a jar. I wrapped it in lettuce and just ate it after eating it with idlis. It would be so great with salad too."

    Aditi Reddy

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