Welcome to The Manduva Project, where every culinary experience is a celebration of Andhra's cultural legacy.


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Our traditional recipes, carefully crafted into mouthwatering pickles, podis, crisps, and other culinary delights, carry the essence of time-honoured cooking techniques and the warmth of cherished family gatherings.

Let Our Customer Speak for Us

  • "I love your products. Keep up the great work. I am carrying them with me to university in the U.K.!"

    Sneha G Sindhu

  • "Love them! My daughter LOVES the moringa & curry leaf podi. We have to hide the packet!"

    Aakriti Penukonda

  • "The sesame is the best. I have eaten a jar. I wrapped it in lettuce and just ate it after eating it with idlis. It would be so great with salad too."

    Aditi Reddy

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