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Coconut Chilli Sprinkle 200 Gms

Coconut Chilli Sprinkle 200 Gms

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Product Descriptions:

This sprinkle is a garnish made with ground dry coconut, seasoning. It is hand pounded to perfection and crunchy and flavorful!


  • Dry Coconut
  • Garlic
  • Jeera Jaggery
  • Channa Dal
  • Salt

Shelf Life

All sprinkles last up to one year without refrigeration although we recommend refrigeration to retain freshness. Coconut Chilli Sprinkle and Sesame Sprinkle have coconut in them so they need to go in the fridge within 2 months of purchase.


We recommend transferring into a container right after purchase. It has to be an air-tight container, in a cool place, without contact with water. Make sure any spoon you use is dry.

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